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Austin Young
December 22, 2020
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Award-winning Cleantech Brand Ivy Energy Solves Solar Energy Woes for Renters

Good News for California Renters! Get Hassle-free Access to Solar even if you are Renting.
(Sacramento, California): Ivy Energy was invited to speak at the 2020 EPIC Symposium held in October, where it won the “California Energy Visionary of the Year” award.
An innovative technology called Virtual Smart Grid has been under development by solar industry expert Ivy Energy to help make onsite solar + storage a win-win for apartment landlords and renters. The technology enables a split incentive for the landlord and the residents through a data-driven cloud-based software application. The venture’s recognition at the event can be owed to its public popularity and the market transforming business model that their technology enables.

What is the EPIC Symposium?
The symposium consists of three days of panels & workshops hearing from industry experts and government leaders such as California Governor Newsom, David Hochschild - Chair of California Energy Commission, Rohit Shukla CEO of Larta Institute, Janea Scott - Vice Chair of California Energy Commission, Genevieve Shiroma - Commissioner of California Public Utility Commission, and many more inspiring leaders helping California transition to a clean and equitable energy future. See the program overview here.

As the world transitions to clean energy there is a lot of collaboration required to get the job done. Connecting policy, technology innovation, funding, and fragmented market stakeholders is no easy task. That is why California hosted the 2020 EPIC Symposium (Oct 19-21st 2020). The event is premised around the Electric Program Investment Charge which is a public fund created to help new clean energy solutions reach market adoption. The program has the following initiative for Californians:

  • Expanding the use of renewable energy.
  • Build a safe and resilient electricity system.
  • Advance electric technologies for buildings, businesses, and transportation.
  • Enable a more decentralized electric grid.
  • Improve the affordability, health, and comfort of California’s communities.
  • Support California’s local economies and businesses.

Ivy Energy is one of 100+ companies incubated and supported through the EPIC programs wherein they receive assistance ranging from funding to business support and technical validation. Ivy Energy was accepted into 1 of the 4 accelerator programs that is funded by EPIC through SCEIN facilitated by Clean Tech San Diego. Out of these 100+ companies Ivy Energy was honored to be chosen as one of 15 companies to present at the 2020 EPIC Symposium. We’re excited to announce that by public choice the judges at the California Energy Commission’s sixth annual EPIC Symposium presented Ivy Energy with the inaugural California Energy Visionary Award for California Energy Visionary of the Year.
During the symposium, Ivy Energy participated in a rapid-fire, cleantech pitch competition to spotlight how organizations are helping to shape a cleaner and brighter future for California.

Pitch sessions were judged by panels of clean energy experts who evaluated each organization on a variety of criteria, including exceptional market potential, positive impact to California ratepayers, innovative approaches to the market, thoughtful solutions to address market barriers, and opportunities to positively impact California’s disadvantaged communities. Also, symposium attendees had the opportunity to vote live for which pitch they felt should win the awards for the "Biggest Impact for Energy Equity!" and the "California Energy Visionary of the Year!"
About Ivy:
Ivy is a cloud based turn-key service powered by intelligent software providing shared solar access to residents and predictable returns to owners.‍ By combining the Virtual Smart Grid software with a Solar Asset, property owners eliminate the complexities of distributing solar energy across multiple units while providing guaranteed savings to residents.