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Virtual Grid By Ivy


The most intelligent way for building owners to provide a compliant, equitable, and grid-supportive solar billing experience for residents. Owners generate $500-$1200 in annual net operating income (NOI) per unit on the
Virtual Grid Platform.

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How It Works

42,547,020 lbs

of coal avoided through Ivy enabled communities

*numbers calculated using the online EPA Calculator for a total production of 5431.8 MWh

Calculate How much Income Ivy + Solar could be generating for your property.

*All NOI and Revenue figures are based on California’s policy of Virtual Net Metering 2.0.
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Creating a win-win solar experience

Ivy Energy creates a consumer friendly structure in which owners and residents can both benefit from an onsite solar asset. We keep this core value front and center as we design and optimized our service for you.

Virtual Grid Intelligence

Virtual Grid Intelligence

Not all Kilowatts are created Equal

The Ivy Virtual Grid is a better alternative to traditional Sub Metering methods for cost recovery. The platform ensures that your multi unit properties solar benefits are distributed using modern age grid resiliency logic. We compare resident behavior using proprietary algorithms to equitably distribute the benefits of solar based on real time usage, solar availability, and avoided utility cost.

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A graph example of Ivy's ROI

Accurate Monitoring & Cost Calculations

A New Source of Revenue Landlords can Count On

You installed solar for your residents and now it’s time to let Ivy maximize your investment payback. With the Ivy Smart Grid Sub Metering alternative, landlords take comfort in predictable revenue forecasts they can trust. Maximizing value for every kilowatt you create.

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Customized User Experiences

Easily Integrate without adding workload

Part of our turnkey service provides customized data access for your management team. Ivy software service generates a seamless rent ledger integration, reporting & ROI tracking tool, and AP reports that simplify accounting operations.

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Virtual grid intelligence

The Only Fair Way To Pay

Ivy software uses smart grid logic to distribute the solar energy benefits of the entire community to you according to how much solar power is available and the price of energy in real time. This makes solar savings attainable, accurate to your usage, and unbiased.

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Always Pay Less...It’s that Simple

Ivy guarantees that you will never pay more than what you would have paid to the energy utility. Ivy leverages utility grade monitoring data to determine your individual usage and community energy savings ensuring that you save money every billing cycle.

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Simple & User-Friendly Automated Billing

Residents get fair access to onsite solar energy with guaranteed savings with our billing structure.  Making it simple for any resident to see what they used, what they would have paid, what they saved and how it affected the environment. Easy opt in process and paperless billing!

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The time for Solar Virtual Net Metering is now!

The demand for clean solar energy is at an all time high. With laws like CA’s Title 24, and AB 802, real estate owners are “being asked” to provide their own sources of clean energy for their tenants. Solar energy can provide a low cost way to accomplish this but it comes with a heavy burden on multi-tenant properties. Trying to navigate the complexities of billing for shared solar while providing clear benefits to tenants has many owners scratching their heads and asking…

How do I recover my investment?
How early in my development do I need Ivy?
How do I know how much solar benefit to give each resident?
What can I do prior to investing in solar to ensure my residents will be onboard?
Will this add more work for my property manager?
How do I know how much energy my residents are using?

Whether you are being required to install solar through Title 24, AB802, or just want to offer a clean energy amenity to your tenants, Ivy's services will give any owner confidence in their solar investment payback.

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By providing complete turn-key solutions for any commercial solar project combined with our cutting edge revenue forecasting tools our clients take comfort in knowing their investment is protected from the start. We work with a vast network of solar contractors and will provide a customized solution that meets each client's needs

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