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Virtual Grid By Ivy


Virtual Grid SAAS paves the way for real estate owners to distribute solar energy between multiple units in an accurate, compliant, and data-driven user experience.

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How it works

Ivy Energy creates a consumer-friendly format in which owners and residents can both benefit from an onsite solar asset.

Reduce your portfolio’s largest scope 2 emissions, resident energy consumption, while creating a predictable NOI and delivering equitable resident energy savings.

A Turnkey Shared Solar Billing Engine

Virtual Grid is a proprietary billing platform designed to manage shared clean energy value within multi-unit real estate communities. The platform meets real estate owner ROI goals as well as resident experience needs.

User Subscription Management & Support

Virtual Grid includes a robust operational management platform that our team uses to manage every aspect of your resident solar program. This reduces your teams workload and ensures resident satisfaction.

Seamless Rent Ledger Data Operations

Virtual Grid simply integrates solar accounts payable into your rent ledger billing system. Part of our turnkey managed support service includes customized data access for your management team.

Consumer-Friendly Solar Billing

Clear and easy-to-understand digital billing statements are crucial to creating a consumer-friendly solar experience. Residents love to know how much they are saving each month, through direct solar consumption and energy exports to the grid.

Intelligent & Guaranteed Solar Savings

Users on the Virtual Grid gain access to solar energy savings based on how they consume solar energy and how it effects the overall value of the system.

Solar Asset Optimization

Virtual Grid is a growing data warehouse that enables machine learning and applied data discovery to drive optimization activities for your asset. Such activities include solar value credit optimization, user incentive framework updates, battery optimization logic, and user engagement insights.

Calculate how much NOI Ivy + Solar could be generating for your property.

*All NOI and Revenue figures are based on California’s policy of Virtual Net Metering 2.0.

42,547,020 LBS

of coal avoided through Ivy enabled communities

*numbers calculated using the online EPA Calculator for a total production of 5431.8 MWh

The time for Solar Virtual Net Metering is now!

The demand for clean solar energy is at an all time high. With laws like CA’s Title 24, and AB 802, real estate owners are “being asked” to provide their own sources of clean energy for their tenants. Solar energy can provide a low cost way to accomplish this but it comes with a heavy burden on multi-tenant properties.
Trying to navigate the complexities of billing for shared solar while providing clear benefits to tenants has many owners scratching their heads and asking…

How do I recover my investment?
How early in my development do I need Ivy?
How do I know how much solar benefit to give each resident?
What can I do prior to investing in solar to ensure my residents will be onboard?
Will this add more work for my property manager?
How do I know how much energy my residents are using?

Whether you are being required to install solar through Title 24, AB802, or just want to offer a clean energy amenity to your tenants, Ivy's services will give any owner confidence in their solar investment payback.

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By providing complete turn-key solutions for any commercial solar project combined with our cutting edge revenue forecasting tools our clients take comfort in knowing their investment is protected from the start. We work with a vast network of solar contractors and will provide a customized solution that meets each client's needs.

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