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Austin Young
May 9, 2023
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Ivy Energy Wins Prestigious 2023 Gold Edison Award™

Ivy Energy has been making waves in the clean energy industry with its revolutionary Virtual Grid software, which has now garnered the prestigious Gold Edison Award in the Critical Human Infrastructure, Grid Optimization category. The esteemed Edison Awards recognize the very best in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design, and innovation, and Ivy Energy's groundbreaking work in enabling mass clean energy adoption in multi-unit buildings certainly fits the bill. 

The Journey to Gold:

The road to the Edison Awards began back in September 2022 when Ivy’s VP of Marketing submitted Ivy’s nomination. From there, it was submitted to the Edison Award’s Steering Committee along with 6,000 other companies vying for a Gold. The final ballot was determined by an independent judging panel comprising over 3,000 senior business executives and academics from various fields, including product development, design, engineering, science, marketing, and education, as well as past winners. In February 2023, Ivy was informed that they were selected as a finalist and invited to the award ceremony at Thomas Edison's estate in Fort Myers, Florida, on April 20th.

A Memorable Experience:

The Edison Awards festivities kicked off with Day 1 featuring a tour of the Edison Ford Estate, which provided an insightful look into the lives and innovations of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The welcome reception was held at the Edison Winter Estates, offering an exceptional networking opportunity for Ivy’s CEO Dover Janis and VP of Marketing Austin Young, as they mingled and connected with many incredible innovators from various fields.

On Day 2, the event was enriched by several remarkable keynote speakers, including Patrick Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, and 2023 Edison Achievement Award Honoree. The 2023 Lewis Latimer Fellows were introduced, showcasing the talent of exceptional Black innovators participating in this one-year fellowship designed to unlock the potential of exponentially-advancing technologies and encourage the fusion of arts, culture, and technology. Many other leaders in their respective fields spoke and shared ideas and frameworks for success, providing an excellent opportunity for the Ivy team to learn valuable insights.

The day's events culminated in an opening reception, allowing attendees to unwind with a cocktail, sample decadent hors d'oeuvres, and continue networking with the extraordinary individuals they had met throughout the day.

A Night to Remember, The Awards Ceremony:

The highlight of the evening was the awards ceremony, where the 2022 Edison Awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze Winners were announced. The prestigious Edison Achievement Award was presented to Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, and Sir Jonathan Ive, Co-Founder of LoveFrom and former Chief Design Officer at Apple Inc. Ivy Energy's groundbreaking Virtual Grid software was honored with the Gold Edison Award in the Grid Optimization category, marking a significant milestone in the company's journey.

The ceremony was hosted by Katie Linendoll, a TV personality and consumer technology expert, who captivated the audience with her engaging style as the Master of Ceremonies. The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers, including Jon Cropper, Founder of Futurlogic Advanced Concepts and Co-founder of the Lewis Latimer Fellowship; Patrick Gelsinger, CEO of Intel and 2023 Edison Achievement Award Honoree; Sir Jonathan Ive, designer of the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and many of Apple's most popular devices, as well as Co-Founder of LoveFrom; and Wendell Weeks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Corning Incorporated.

These esteemed speakers shared their insights, experiences, and wisdom, inspiring the audience and elevating the event's impact. Their presence underscored the importance of innovation, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence in driving positive change in the world.

A Bright Future Ahead:

Ivy Energy's journey to the top has been fueled by its commitment to innovation and sustainability, as well as a relentless pursuit of excellence in creating a better future for shared communities. Ivy’s Virtual Grid software has revolutionized how multi-unit buildings can adopt clean energy sources, efficiently removing scope 3 emissions, enhancing grid reliability, and reducing peak demand.

Ivy Energy's CEO & Co-Founder, Dover Janis, expressed his enthusiasm about the achievement, stating, "We are incredibly honored to receive this prestigious Edison Gold Award. This recognition attests to the hard work and dedication of our entire team, who are committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit everyone." He also emphasized the company's focus on breaking new ground, simplifying complex processes, challenging the status quo, and consistently exploring ways to drive positive change in the world through software and new thinking.

With the Edison Gold Award now under its belt, Ivy Energy is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of clean energy innovation. The company's trailblazing Virtual Grid software is just the beginning, as Ivy Energy seeks to empower shared communities in their pursuit of a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

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