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Help your community go solar and earn $10

Ivy Energy is currently working with your community’s management team in considering a potential onsite solar program at Villa Angelina.  As a current resident you can play an important early role in helping us provide your community access to onsite clean energy.

Historically, the benefits and cost savings from solar energy have been enjoyed almost exclusively by residents who own their own home while residents of apartment and multifamily communities have been excluded from these benefits. That’s why we have been helping communities like yours all over California achieve access to onsite clean energy.

Help us and your community be part of the multi-family solar revolution! 

Earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card by completing these 3 easy steps


Review Average Resident
Solar Snapshot

Please take 1-2 minutes to look over “Jack’s” Solar Energy Snapshot example provided below.

1 min

One Minute Survey

After reviewing the Solar Snapshot example, please complete the one minute survey found below.

1 min
3 min

Share Your Energy Usage

Share your historical electric usage by securely syncing your Southern California Edison (SCE) account using your online SCE account credentials. If you don’t already have an online SCE account you can register your account at

What will my historical electric usage be used for?

Residents that participate and complete all three steps will receive the following:

  • Your own Solar Energy Snapshot based your individual historical energy usage
  • Receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card! (*Limited availability to first 30 residents. Max 1 per household)

Let's get started...

About the potential solar program

Ivy Energy offers a cloud-based energy monitoring platform that allows solar savings to be passed on to residents based on actual real time energy use of each individual community member. Ivy’s service ensures that all residents are guaranteed to pay less by participating in the solar program than what they would have paid their utility without solar. This is accomplished by mirroring exact utility rates and passing through to residents a portion of the community’s total monthly solar savings via a solar energy billing service that provides clarity and monthly insight on solar savings.

The persona and solar energy snapshot example found below demonstrates the solar bill insights and savings that an average resident may see over a year’s time.

One Minute Survey

Step 2

Share Your Energy Usage

Step 3
Thank You by Ivy

By sharing your survey responses and historical energy usage you have helped your community take a step forward towards becoming a green sustainable community!

Thank you

By sharing your survey responses and historical energy usage you have helped your community take a step forward towards becoming a green sustainable community!

If you were one of the first [30] residents at Villa Angelina to complete these steps then your $10 Amazon Gift card is on it’s way and will be emailed to you. Please allow 3-5 business days.
If you completed all three steps but were not one of the first [30] participants to complete them, don’t worry, we will still be sending you your customized solar energy snapshot and we expect to be bringing you a far greater value of solar savings benefits in the future.

To learn more about how this solar program would work in your community check out our Ivy Energy resident page

Resident Page