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Solar for Apartments: Clean Power for All Residents and Tenants

We believe that all energy consumers, regardless of owning or renting their home, should have access to clean energy. Our Virtual Grid software now gives multi-family residents access to clean energy savings.

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Why Ivy Virtual Grid?

Solar Energy Savings

Ivy leverages utility grade monitoring data to determine individual resident usage, total solar availability, and total community energy savings to insure accuracy and savings to residents on every billing period. No other shared solar platform provides the granularity, accuracy, and fair access to solar savings that Ivy's Virtual Smart Grid provides.

Fair and Equal Access to Shared Solar

Ivy uses Virtual Smart Grid logic to distribute shares of the community's total solar benefit to residents according to individual resident energy use, time-of-use rates in real time, and the real time availability of solar energy. This provides all participating residents with truly equal access and unbiased distribution of solar benefits that align with each resident's actual energy use.

Simple Billing & Insights

Ivy's resident billing structure makes it simple and easy for any resident to understand the amount of energy they used, what they would have paid without solar, what they are paying with solar, and what they saved by being on the solar program. Residents will even know insights on how their solar participation has positively affected the environment! In addition to the savings benefit, opting into the solar program is free, easy, and will provide residents with useful ongoing insights about their energy use.

Residents prefer Ivy Virtual Grid over other methods because Ivy distributes solar savings to residents based on equal access & actual energy used rather than a flat savings.

15,519,528 hrs

worth of Air Conditioning generated through Ivy enabled communities

*5431.8 MWh produced / average central air AC usage of 3.5 KW

An example of a residents Ivy bill on a phone

How Is My Solar Energy Bill Calculated?

Your solar energy bill is calculated by first determining the gross utility cost (without solar) based on total kilowatt-hours consumed and the actual utility rate tariff that would have been used. Then, based on your unique time-of-use intervals and the community's real time solar availability intervals, solar savings are applied to the solar energy bill using a percentage discount off of the portion of energy you used that was virtually allocated from the solar system to you, either in the form of Live Solar or Solar Credit.

Your solar energy bill consists of 3 categories of energy:

Live Solar

This is the amount of energy produced by the onsite solar system that was directly applied to your usage. If all of your usage came directly when solar was available you would be saving the maximum amount possible.

Solar Credit

Because solar energy isn’t available all the time, when there is a surplus amount during the day it is provided to the utility company and credited back to the property to be used at non-solar times. These Solar Credits also provide you savings however they are slightly less valuable than Live Solar.

The Grid

This is the extra energy required that was not offset by any Live Solar or Solar Credits.

Did you know?

Switching to solar energy use can help reduce the demand for fossil fuels, limit greenhouse gas emissions, and shrink your carbon footprint. See the impact you can make with Ivy Virtual Smart Grid.

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While your solar energy bill is always guaranteed to be less than what you would have paid without solar, solar energy is the most valuable when it is used right away. Therefore, the more you can take advantage of Live Solar availability times the more optimal your savings can be. The highest availability of Live Solar is usually between 10am - 3pm however this can vary by season or weather. If it’s sunny outside and the sun is high in the sky it’s safe to assume there is Live Solar availability!  Below is an example of two residents in a solar community that used the same amount of energy over the course of a month.

An example of a residents Ivy bill for resident A
An example of a residents Ivy bill on a phone for resident B
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