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How To Enroll

It’s time to sign up for solar!
Here are the simple steps to get started.

Solar Sign-Up Form

Fill out the Solar Sign-Up Form below:

Sign your lease rider & Third Party Authorization Form

Your form submission will notify your property manager to send you the following two documents to sign:
  • Your Lease Rider has the terms and conditions of the solar program
  • The Third Party Authorization Form allows Ivy Energy to contact the utility on your behalf to resolve data or account access issues related to your solar billing

Complete your enrollment

After signing your Lease Rider and Third-Party Authorization Form, keep a look out for a welcome email from Ivy Energy. Your welcome email will include the final step to enrolling in your community’s solar program. Use the link provided in the email to grant Ivy Energy access to your utility meter data which is required to generate your monthly Ivy Energy Solar Bill.
Avalon Ivy Solar Bill

Get Started

Once your community’s solar system is turned on and your account with Ivy Energy has been activated, you will receive an announcement email from Ivy Energy on your official transition to solar!

Further questions about Ivy Energy’s solar program?

Please reach out to Ivy Energy’s support team or your property manager with any questions you may have.
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Currently enrolled on CARE, FERA or have a Medical Baseline Allocation?

If you are, let us know by providing us a copy of your current electric bill under your name that shows your special rate so we can ensure that your solar bill is calculated with the right rates for you.

Send our team a message for more information on how to continue receiving your current discount with Ivy.

How It Works

Going forward, you will pay a bill for solar energy and a utility bill for leftover utility cost. Together, these will be less than what you would have paid without solar.
Ivy Solar Bill Example

Solar Bill

Pay less for electricity from solar and contribute to a positive environmental impact.

Receive a monthly solar statement

You will receive a monthly statement from Ivy Energy with your costs for solar energy. Your solar costs are calculated using your local utility’s rates minus your share of solar savings, ensuring you always pay less with solar!

Convenient payment through your rent ledger

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By replacing some of your utility power with solar energy you will reduce your carbon footprint and support a cleaner, healthier planet.

Maximize your solar benefits

Your solar bill contains information to help you maximize the amount of solar you use. The more you shift your energy use to solar available times, the more you can optimize your share of the available community savings.
Savings Example

Utility Bill

Pay a smaller electric bill directly to your utility for non-solar energy use.

Receive grid power when solar is not available

When live solar power is not available, you will continue to receive grid power from your local utility, so you will still have power when solar is not available. Since solar will offset a large portion of your usage you will see your utility bill decrease.

Continue to pay your utility directly for grid power

You will still receive a monthly bill from your utility for any grid power you used. Continue to pay your utility bill directly to your local utility just as you always have. You will receive a separate statement from Ivy Energy for your solar energy consumption. You will then pay that bill directly to your community through your rent ledger.
Here’s What To Expect On Your Ivy Solar Bill

Your total energy usage (solar and non-solar)

Your solar energy bill is broken down by 3 categories of energy: Live Solar, Solar Credits, and Grid Usage. You will be able to see the amount of energy you produced when solar was available and the extra energy required that was not offset by Live Solar or Solar Credits.

Environmental impact

See how you are positively impacting the environment by using solar energy and making sustainable choices in your daily energy usage. This section of your bill will show you how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you've offset by using solar energy instead of traditional fossil fuels. It will also display other important environmental metrics such as the equivalent number of trees planted, cars taken off the road, and more.

Price comparison

Easily compare side-by-side what you would have paid the utility without solar. Your solar savings are applied based on a percentage discount off the energy virtually allocated from the solar system to you, factoring in your individual usage, time-of-use pricing, and the community's real-time solar availability. Any consumption not offset by solar will be billed directly from your utility company. Your solar bill and leftover utility bill will be less than what you would have paid without solar!
Solar Energy Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the program and billing.
After I complete all the enrollment steps, what should I expect next?
After completing all enrollment steps, keep an eye out for a welcome email from Ivy Energy. This email will confirm your enrollment in the solar program and provide you with everything you need to know to start enjoying the benefit's of solar energy.
Once I am actively on the solar program, do I need to pay the utility company for electricity?
You will continue to receive a smaller electricity bill from your utility for any non-solar grid generated electricity you use. You will continue paying your utility for this cost as you do today.
Ivy Energy will bill you for the portion of your monthly electricity use generated by your community’s solar system. Your monthly savings from solar will be applied to your solar bill which will be paid directly to your community management through your rent portal.
How do I know if I am saving money?
Ivy Energy uses public utility rates to determine what you would have paid without solar. Utility rates are required to be posted publicly and Ivy Energy keeps up to date with all effective utility rate schedules. According to the utility rate and the rate criteria listed on your solar energy bill you can expect your calculated gross bill energy cost (what you would have paid without solar) to be within 99% accuracy. Your solar discount is then applied to your bill providing you a reduced cost Ivy Energy Solar Energy Bill. Please visit the utility company’s website to see available rate schedules in more detail:
Who do I pay my solar energy bill to?
Typically, your solar energy bill will be paid to the same entity to whom you pay your rent, unless stated otherwise in your solar billing statement or lease agreement. This entity is usually your property management company or landlord.
If the solar panels are not producing energy am I without power?
When your community's solar system is not producing power you will continue to receive energy directly from the utility company as normal. Electric utility cost is captured by your local utility provider and billed as normal in a lesser quantity.
Can I change the utility rate schedule that my solar energy bill references?
You may request that the rate schedule referenced in your solar energy bill be changed to any qualified NEM (Net Energy Metering) rate schedule available from the utility as long as it is determined that the electrical service for your unit meets the utility company's criteria for that rate schedule. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
Will my utility data be shared with any other companies?
No, your utility billing and consumption data will be kept private and will not be shared with any company outside side of Ivy Energy or your property management company. Ivy Energy will also comply with the privacy terms in your lease agreement with your property manager.
What if I'm on a special rate program like CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline?
If you're on a special rate program we want to ensure your solar bill is calculated with the correct rates for you. You can reach us by phone or submit a ticket at our support portal:
Support Form
Phone: (833) 204-0302
If I am enrolled on the solar program, why will I continue to receive a bill from my utility?
Since solar panels only produce electricity when the sun is shining, you will remain connected to the grid so you can receive power from your utility when solar power is not available. On average most residents will continue to receive 25% to 30% of their power from the grid and the rest from solar.
Am I responsible to buy and take care of the solar panels?
No, the solar panels are owned and fully financed by PearlX. All system maintenance and operations are PearlX's responsibility and the solar benefits are simply being shared with you and other participating residents in your community.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my Ivy account?
You can contact our Ivy support team if you have questions about your Ivy account, solar billing, account information, or other general questions. You can reach us by phone or submit a ticket at our support portal:
Support Form
Phone: (833) 204-0302
Why does Ivy Energy need access to my utility data?
Ivy Energy needs access to your consumption data and your utility bill costs in order to accurately calculate your cost for the solar energy consumed as well as your savings allocated from solar. Without access to your account, Ivy Energy cannot complete your enrollment in the solar program since we require this data to generate your monthly solar bill statement.
What happens if I do not provide Ivy Energy with access to my utility data?
If Ivy Energy is not granted access to your utility data, a solar bill cannot be produced and therefore your enrollment in the solar program will be cancelled.
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