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A New Type of Property Income

Unlocking a new way for real estate owners to increase profit margins without increasing overhead. The Ivy Virtual Grid software service acts like a virtual utility inside any community with solar and offers fair distribution of clean energy across multiple units.

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The Challenge

Why Most Owners Haven’t Made the Switch to Solar

  • No clear path to a return on investment
  • Complicated allocation & management issues
  • Margin of opportunity in avoided cost
  • No way to know what is fair to charge
  • Liability concerns
  • Accurate discounting concerns
  • No clear financial benefit to residents

The Problem

The Ivy Solution

  • Ivy enables a new type of property income
  • Ivy handles operations & fair allocations
  • Ivy creates predictable investment returns
  • Ivy provides the most accurate solar billing available
  • Ivy offers limited liability
  • Ivy provides discount logic for residents automatically
  • Ivy guarantee's clear savings to residents

The solution to the shared solar dilemma

A new revenue stream for your property

Ivy Virtual Grid generates positive cash flow for owners by unlocking energy revenue for multi-tenant properties. Determining and sharing the real time benefits of an onsite energy resource accurately, fairly and economically.

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1 Lock in your Solar Income Forecast with Ivy Switch

You wouldn't buy a new property without having it appraised, so why invest in solar for your residents without verifying its payback. With the Ivy Switch program owners can take comfort knowing their solar investment is secured by data driven intelligence.

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2 Install Solar to Start Earning

Property owner gets solar + Ivy Switch for community with their own preferred trusted installer or with an Ivy certified installer. We recommend using our consulting early on to determine the optimized size for the best return on investment. Provide energy savings for your tenants and add a predictable source of income for your property. Need support getting your service contract?

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3 Let Ivy Handle Resident Onboarding and Rollout

Easily On-Board your residents to our Virtual Grid platform with no hardware required. We'll build a customized implementation plan to optimize your communities revenue potential and make it seamless for property management.

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4 Automated Hassle-Free Income

By signing up for Ivy Virtual Grid you are choosing the safest way to maximize your solar investment. lifetime value. Sit back and relax while your property automatically generates energy income and tenants flock from the appeal of innovative clean living. With ongoing customer support and easy opt-in for residents Virtual Smart Grid is the only safe way to bill your tenants for solar energy.

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