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CPUC releases NEM-3 Tariff
Act fast to lock in Nem-2 Rates

The newly revised CPUC PD establishes a “Net Billing” tariff that introduces an entirely new framework for valuing exported energy. The new methodology will reduce the value of exported energy by roughly 75% compared to NEM-2 levels, and completely decouple the value of imported and exported energy.

Lock in NEM-2 Rates
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Secure your NEM-2 solar rates in the next 120 days

California regulators have voted to change the solar rates available to customers of PG&E, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric. Once the new rates take effect, they will bring the biggest change to the economics of solar in California in more than 20 years. Here’s a glance at what's to come and how you can lock in the most favorable solar rates now.

CPUC finalizes new NEM-3 solar tariff

Based on initial analysis, this new NEM-3 tariff will substantially decrease the value of solar exported credits, which equals a 30-40% loss in potential NOI. Other states that have implemented a similar cliff in the export compensation rate have seen sharp declines in solar deployment.

On December 15, 2022 the CPUC is set to finalize NEM-3. For property owners who are able to get grandfathered during this time, they will receive NEM-2 benefits locked in for 20 years. During this 120-day buffer period, multifamily property owners can explore the substantial benefits of locking in existing solar rates before the new NEM-3 rates take effect in April, 2023.


Requirements for Grandfathering

Time is of the essence. We expect solar contractors will see a surge of customer activity as the sunset date draws near for California’s most favorable solar rates. If you intend to take advantage of today’s solar rates, start planning the project as soon as possible. Contractors may need about 45 days to design your solar system and prepare an application to interconnect your system with the electric grid.

In order to qualify and grandfather your project into NEM-2 and be locked in for 20 years, the requirements are:
1. Engineering SLD (Single Line Diagram and Site plan) 
2. Interconnection application with a contractor license. (Generally this requires a dry utility package and building service gear engineered.)
3. EPC Signed Agreement. 


Submit a complete solar application

Accuracy is important when you submit the application. The utilities allow for decreasing system size during the review process, but to increase the size you’ll have to submit a new application. Ivy is here to help you determine the ideal system size for your property so that you only have to submit one application and ensure the utilities accept it in a timely manner.

If you apply for interconnection before the 120-day buffer period ends and the utility deems the application to be complete, your system will be covered by a grandfather provision that preserves eligibility for the phased-out solar rates. You will be locked in to NEM-2 rates for 20 years, ensuring the best ROI for your solar project.


Apartment buildings with rooftop solar

Fair Representation for Multifamily Properties

Ivy's participation in the NEM-3 proceedings has been instrumental in ensuring that multifamily building owners and tenants receive equitable treatment and a fair glide path to facilitate a manageable transition as the tariff is finalized. Ivy's advocacy will benefit the entire multifamily real estate market as it continues to adopt solar plus storage by ensuring a reasonable payback for the multifamily solar assets and smooth processes for interconnection. Ivy was the only stakeholder involved in the proceeding exclusively focused on multifamily, advocating for increased equity in the program through fair treatment of the multifamily customer class.

We are here to help Property Owners Grandfather NEM-2 Rates

Ivy Energy can help you secure the highest value for your solar energy. Property owners serious about investing in solar must act fast to ensure the best ROI. Reach out to our team today to learn how to get the grandfathering process started.

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