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Powering Apartments With Solar Energy.

At Ivy, we believe that everyone gets the choice to access clean energy, whether you own or rent your home. Join us in powering a greener, more sustainable future for all!
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How To Enroll

Enrolling in the solar program is easy!
Here are the simple steps to get started:

Solar Sign-Up Form

Fill out the Solar Sign-Up Form below:

Sign your Solar Lease Addendum

Once you submit the Solar Inquiry Form, your property manager will be notified. They will then send you a copy of the Solar Lease Addendum for you to review and sign, which will confirm your participation in the program. This is a simple and straightforward process that will take just a few minutes of your time.
Avalon Ivy Solar Bill

Currently enrolled on CARE, FERA or have a Medical Baseline Allocation?

If you are eligible, let us know by providing us a copy of your current electric bill under your name that shows your special rate and our team will review. Send our team a message for more information on how to continue receiving your current discount with Ivy.

Getting Started

After signing the lease addendum, keep an eye out for a welcome email from Ivy. This email will confirm your enrollment in the solar program and provide you with the next steps on what you can expect once the solar is live.

Further questions about Ivy Energy’s solar program?

Please reach out to Ivy Energy’s support team or your property manager with any questions you may have.
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How It Works

Pay one lower-cost solar energy bill that replaces your old utility bill.

Receive one combined bill for solar and utility power

Your traditional utility bill will be incorporated into your new Ivy Solar Bill that combines your costs for utility power and solar power into one bill. Your Ivy Solar Bill will show what you would have paid the utility without solar so that you can see what you are saving, as well as providing insights to help you maximize your solar usage.

Pay through your rent ledger

Make one convenient monthly payment through your community’s rent ledger when you pay your rent.
Avalon Ivy Solar Bill

Your solar benefits

Your community's solar system generates monthly energy savings. Ivy Energy tracks these savings and distributes a portion to residents. You'll receive a monthly Ivy Solar Bill, calculated using local utility rates minus your share of savings, ensuring you always pay less with solar!

Reduce your carbon footprint

By replacing some of your utility power with solar energy you will reduce your carbon footprint and support a cleaner, healthier planet.
Here’s What To Expect On Your Ivy Solar Bill

Your energy usage

Your solar energy bill is broken down by 3 categories of energy: Live Solar (energy used when the sun is shining), Solar Credits (created by an excess of solar generation to be applied to later usage), and Grid Usage (energy consumed that is not offset by Live Solar and/or Solar Credits).

Environmental impact

See how you are positively impacting the environment by using solar energy and making sustainable choices in your daily energy usage. This section of your bill will show you how much carbon dioxide (CO2) you've offset by using solar energy instead of traditional fossil fuels. It will also display other important environmental metrics such as the equivalent number of trees planted, cars taken off the road, and more.

Price comparison

Easily compare side-by-side what you would have paid the utility without solar. Your solar savings are applied based on a percentage discount off the energy virtually allocated from the solar system to you, factoring in your individual usage, time-of-use pricing, and the community's real-time solar availability.
Solar Energy Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the program and billing.
After I sign the lease addendum, what’s next?
After signing the addendum, keep an eye out for a welcome email from Ivy. This email will confirm your enrollment in the solar program and provide you with everything you need to know to start enjoying the benefits of solar energy.
Once I am actively on the solar program, do I need to pay the utility company for electricity?
No. Once fully transitioned on to the solar program, you will no longer receive an electric utility bill and will instead receive a lower cost Ivy Solar Bill which will include both your solar and leftover electric utility cost charges. However, your unit’s normal electric utility service will remain active and maintained by your landlord.
How do I know if I am saving money?
Your share of the building’s gross utility cost (i.e. what you would have paid if you only used grid energy and not solar) is calculated based on your electric consumption data from a utility grade sub-meter and your public utility rate schedule. Utility rates are required to be posted publicly. According to the utility rate listed on your Ivy Solar Bill that Ivy obtains from the utility, you can expect your gross bill to be accurate, assuming the utility rate and consumption data are accurate. Please visit the utility company’s website to see available rate schedules in more detail.
Who do I pay my solar energy bill to?
Typically, your solar energy bill will be paid to the same entity to whom you pay your rent, unless stated otherwise in your solar billing statement or lease agreement. This entity is usually your property management company or landlord.
If the solar panels are not producing energy am I without power?
You will still have electricity regardless if the system is producing solar energy or not. Your building is connected to the grid, so even when your community's solar system is not producing power, you will continue to receive energy directly from the utility company as normal.
Will my utility data be shared with any other companies?
No, your utility billing and consumption data will be kept private and will not be shared with any company outside side of Ivy Energy or your property management company. Ivy Energy will also comply with the privacy terms in your lease agreement with your property manager.
What if I'm on a special rate program like CARE, FERA, or Medical Baseline?
If you're on a special rate program we want to ensure your solar bill is calculated with the correct rates for you. Please submit a ticket at our support portal:
Support Form
Am I responsible to buy and take care of the solar panels?
No, the solar panels are owned and fully financed by Gables Corp. All system maintenance and operations are Gables Corp responsibility and the solar benefit's are simply being shared with you and other participating residents in your community.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my Ivy account?
You can contact our Ivy support team if you have questions about your Ivy account, solar billing, account information, or other general questions. You can reach us by phone or submit a ticket at our support portal:
Support Form
What is your cancellation policy?
If you decide you no longer want to enjoy the advantages of solar, you can cancel your enrollment by contacting our support team at Just keep in mind that you're responsible for any outstanding balances up to your cancellation effective date.
Can I change the utility rate schedule that my solar energy bill references?
You may request to change the rate schedule referenced in your solar energy as long as it is determined that the electrical service for your unit meets the utility company's criteria for that rate schedule. If you would like to change your utility rate, please submit a ticket through our support page:
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