Who we are

We are a team that is on a mission to evolve the way that shared buildings create, use, and think about energy. We connected as a team with the firm conviction that we can use technology and innovative problem solving to fix the problems that exist for distributed energy asset growth in a shared building environment. Our team comes from a variety of different backgrounds including real estate development, energy monitoring software, and solar industry operations.

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-Our story

Our story proves our position as the new intelligence layered behind the delivery point of a shared building enabling smarter energy for millions of energy consumers using local energy assets.

The concept of distributed energy for apartment buildings is not unique. Its an idea that we are sure has been perceived thousands of times ever since solar technology has been a viable option for homes and businesses. Our founding team has been thinking about ideas like solar for apartments since 2012 as many others have. But given the perfect timing of individual career decisions, market positioning, and team experience our team identified a unique opportunity as a group to build a core component missing in our clean energy future. We invested the time and money to understand what really is stopping multi-unit landlords from being part of the clean energy revolution. We quickly uncovered the split transaction problem between landlords and tenants and developed our virtual grid technology to not only fix today’s problems for this industry but also tomorrow’s. 

We have developed strong core values through this process that hold us accountable to our position in the market as an enablement tool creating a win-win-win for all stakeholders. We believe supporting the  ecosystem with our core value add innovation and enabling many winners in the ecosystem. We did this to strengthen distributed energy growth within an underserved market to help speed up our transition to a more equitable and clean energy grid. Everyday we think about our customers, our customer users, infrastructure development professionals, our grid management stakeholders, and our governments. 

What drives us

We are evolving the way shared buildings
create, use, and think about energy.


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Our 2025 Goals

Clean energy jobs

$ Annual
energy savings for renters

$ Real estate
market value to
our customers

The team behind Ivy

Dover Janis

CEO / Founder

Logan Carter

Head of Operations

Robert Lubell

Head of Product Operations

Chris Calhoun

Business Development Advisor

Colin Walsh

Head of Sales Operations

Keegan Acker

Regional Account Executive

Austin Young

Marketing Coordinator

Gil Horning

Product Manager

Daenon Janis

Marketing & Operations Technology


Office Day Maker

Surabhi Vilas Khadke

Development Project Manager

Hailey Higa

UX/UI and Brand Specialist

Sean Nam

Head Software Architect

Adolfo Luna

Senior Software Engineer

Gavin Crews

Front End Software Engineer

Andrew Shen

Data Analyst & Junior Engineer

Burak Dogan

Marketing and Product Consultant

Grow with us?

We are always looking to expand our team with talented people that believe in our mission, send us your resume and a quick note and we will reach out when we are hiring!

Based out of San Diego, CA

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